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  • Teresa Cadwallader RN and Owner and Michael Heunemann RN are the experts, and welcome you to Image Perfect Laser.
  • Check in with Charice at the front desk and...
  • Next, during the first consultation, you’ll learn more about safety, comfort and efficacy of Image Perfect Laser’s hair removal and photo facial rejuvenation. Teresa will explain every detail including exactly what areas will be treated, how you can achieve maximum results, the price you will pay and the care you will receive.
  • In our laser hair removal treatment room, you’ll notice private and comfortable surroundings that ensure a positive and safe experience.Your treatment will be performed on our ergonomic couch in a large room designed with your comfort in mind. All treatments are performed with the latest most effective technology available.Teresa and Michael operate under supervising physicians, and they are trained and certified as expert professionals in laser hair removal and anti-aging procedures.
  • Michael preforms a procedure
  • Teresa perfoms a procedure

Located in Signature Plastic Surgery, upper level of Lakeside Offices