Laser Hair Removal

Introducing the most effective, safe and comfortable way to eliminate unwanted hair – forever!IPL_photo-rejuv


Let’s face it, you’re frustrated. You’re one of the 80 million men and women that have unwanted hair and want to get rid of it – forever. You’ve probably tried waxing, electrolysis, and other less-effective and painful methods of hair removal, only to find that after all that time and money – those hairs start to reappear again. And now you’re looking for something better.

Introducing the Image Perfect Laser Experience: effective, safe, and comfortable. We only use the best lasers available, the LightSheer from Lumenis, to minimize the number of treatments you will need and maximize the effectiveness. Many other clinics use less effective lasers that will cost you time, money, and will leave you feeling cheated.

Our highly-trained staff includes Registered Nurses who have years of experience, ensuring your safety at all times.  Our clinic has all the comforts of home, so that you are in the best care possible.

We start with a very personal consultation that will let you know upfront what can be done for your skin type. You will leave the office knowing whether laser hair removal is right for your skin type and if so, how many treatments will be needed, how you can expect the treatments to go, and how to prepare for your experience. No hidden surprises.

So please call us for your complimentary consultation, and welcome to the Image Perfect Experience!

Located in Signature Plastic Surgery, upper level of Lakeside Offices